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About Funding Credit

Funding Credit is a cutting edge FinTech Company comprised of expert underwriters, and dedicated entrepreneurs who understand the benefits and the importance of business credit.

They provide a full suite of services, tools, and resources to help you obtain financial freedom.

Consultation and guidance

Consultation & Strategy

One of our expert business managers will sit down wit you one-on-one and help you gain valuable insight on your business credit.

Business Administration and setup

Business Setup & Admin

From Corporation set up to filing state documents, Funding Credit will help fill in all the gaps.

Business Credit Program

Credit Program

Credit can give your business the opportunity to expand, grow, and open avenues that were previously unavailable to you.

Access Funding

Access to Funding

A team of Expert Senior Underwriters will help you secure financing, loans, and credit lines.

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Why Every Business Should Have Business Credit

Unlike personal credit, business credit reports to business credit reporting agencies and is not affected by utilization or inquiries. This means that businesses can use their credit without fear of damaging their personal credit score.

In contrast, using personal credit for business expenses can lower the owner's credit score and limit their ability to borrow money. As a result, having strong business credit is essential for any successful business owner.

access up to $50,000 within 3 months!

Our Business Credit Program can help you access up to $50,000 within 3 months, without relying on personal credit. Our expert team will guide you through the process of establishing and building a strong business credit profile that will unlock countless opportunities for your business.

With our proven system, you'll be able to access funding, negotiate better terms with vendors and suppliers, and grow your business with confidence. Don't wait any longer to achieve your business goals. Join our Business Credit Program today and take the first step towards a brighter future for your business.

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